Sunday, September 23, 2007

Writing my first Rails Application

Started work on writing my first RoR (Ruby on Rails) application a week back. Its a simple multiuser bug logging system.

Rails as a framework looks great. It does save lot of development time, only if you know how exactly to do things. Scaffolding generated views are also very cool, but to me it doesn't look very useful in practical scenario, since you will invariably find yourself rearranging fields or design of the view. But I am definitely impressed with ORM feature included with Rails. This is the first time I am using ORM, and I think the time it saves can be invaluable for certain types of projects. There are also some goodies like AJAX, DojoToolkit can be combined with Rails.
It took me some time to figure out how things work in rails. Also since I am new to Ruby, I had to go online many a times to get help.

I am very excited with prospects of being able to create very useful and robust applications in no time once I master Ruby and Rails. Right now this little application that I am making is a great learning experience for me.

Screenshot of 'Create new bug' screen.

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