Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Connecting DIY IoT projects to IFTTT

Finally managed to connect my temperature and humidity sensor to IFTTT.
Now I can make my device tweet, post to Google Plus, post to Facebook, write to Google Drive, control a fan ...... and do many cool things.

I have written an article on my website on this : http://ashishware.com/IotTweetbot.shtml

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wifi enabled OLED display using ESP8266 and NodeMCU

My second IoT  project,  a web enabled 0.96 OLED display. This project uses a ESP8266 (NodeMCU firmware) and a 0.96'' monochrome OLED . I have created a HTML based web interface which allows sending text and graphics to the display.

This display is portable and runs  on 4 AA batteries and can be used in many interesting ways.

Here is the link to a video showing off capabilities of the display:

For detailed schematics and code, please visit my website : http://ashishware.com/WifiDisplay.shtml 

Wifi network detector using ESP8266 and NodeMCU

A simple wifi network detector using ESP8266 and NodeMCU. It consists of single LED and ESP8266. The device is pre-programmed with network Id of wifi network which needs to be monitored. If the wifi network is in range the LED glows steady , else it starts blinking.

Checkout the video:

Visit my website for complete article on this along with source code for ESP8266:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tutorial on CouchDB and AngularJS

If you have ever thought of using a single language to write entire applications (all layers), then these should be interesting time. We have already seen new platforms like Node.js which encourage full-stack development using javascript. Recently I have been toying with CouchDB and AngularJS. So decided to write a tutorial. In this tutorial we explore CouchDB, which apart from being a awesome NoSQL datastore, also can be used as your web server, capable of serving HTML, javascript, CSS and other media. Using a framework like AngularJS it is possible to create a wide variety of web applications painlessly and fast.

In this tutorial I discuss creation of a simple portfolio application. Please have a look : http://ashishware.com/CouchApp.shtml

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Portable C# Scripting IDE (with autocompletion) !

Just finished an article on  setting up a portable C# IDE which is less than 8 MB (when zipped). The Notepad++ based setup also provides auto-completion for C# scripting. A very helpful tool for people who don't want to install Visual Studio on their machines.

Check out the full article here:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Raspberry pi and Raspbmc OS : An awesome combination !

Recently, I tried out Raspberry pi and Raspbmc OS for a small home theater kind of setup. I was really impressed with what this little device and OS can do.

I have a write-up on my website rearding the same. If  you are new to Raspberry Pi and Raspbmc, you should check it out, it will  may answer some of your frequently asked questions and doubts

Here is the link :

When should ASP.NET developers use Knockout.js ?

When designing  complex screens with HTML and javascript, there is always a  discussion about doing it with knockout . In an article on my website I have discussed scenarios which I feel are suitable for use of knockout.js.

Have a look and share your thoughts and experiences:

Monday, April 25, 2011

A My first physics game using Silverlight and Farseer Engine

Just now uploaded article on creating a simple physics game with Silverlight and Farseer Physics Engine.

Play the game online now : http://ashishware.com/SilverlightGameDemo.shtml

Read the article : http://ashishware.com/Silverlight_Physics.shtml

Monday, February 28, 2011

First Arduino Project

Last week I received my Freeduino board from http://www.bhasha.co.cc/ . I took almost a week after placing the order to get my hands on the board.

I am really impressed with the small size of the board . I had also ordered the component kit and I got started within hours. Within a couple of days of work I could create this:


I was able to figure out a good way of making my board my favourite melody. The describes how to compose ,test and fine tune a melody on your PC with a C# program , before uploading it to Arduino/Freeduino.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

My experiment with WebSocket

I have posted an article on implementing WebSocket based application with C#. WebSocket is new technology which enables "server push". Check out the article and code here:


Hope you like it and also please don't forget to participate in the poll on my website (its in the left site menu, towards bottom).