Wednesday, January 31, 2007

AJAX tooltip for ASP.NET

Recently uploaded an AJAX tooltip example for the ASP.NET DataGrid. The sample code demonstrates how to add a cool AJAX tooltip to an ASP.NET DataGrid (DataGridView to be specific).

It uses my javascript based tooltip script along with the prototype.js(for AJAX).With minor modifications, I am sure that the code can be made to work with ASP.Net 1.x.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clipboard Image Archiver - Revisited !

Ever saved images and forgot where you saved them !
That happens with me quite often.

If you face same problem the 'Clipboard Image Archiver' is for you !

Uploaded binaries for my older program. It allows you to simply paste any image copied to clipboard to a single location.

The coolest thing about it is it helps you to store all such images in a single location. It stores them in a compressed format so it takes less space. The program has been written in C# and uses SharpZipLib for compression.

Great for:

1. Taking and saving screen shots.

2. Saving images while browsing.

3. Saving those cute images in emails.

Download the program here: