Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Typed Datasets and LINQ

I must confess I started educating myself about LINQ pretty late. I was really pleased to see what all it can do. I discovered that all typed Datasets allowed LINQ based querying.

This means old methods of working with Datable object should be forgotten and LINQ should be used where ever possible. Time to get rid of all those ugly 'foreach' blocks .

Read my article on using LINQ and typed datasets here:

Monday, August 03, 2009

Five years of delightful programing ... (getting nostalgic)

9th May 1998 : My first PC arrives ( Pentium I, 200 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 2.1 GB HDD). Spent time learning basics, playing games, exploring chip magazine CDs, exploring encyclopedias and listening to songs.

1999 (FYJC) : Learned FoxPro 2.5, continued timepass with my computer.

2000 (SYJC) : Mostly studies.

March-April(2000) : Read the book "VC++ 5 Special Edition", understood nothing. Started learning basic C++ and HTML.

July-August(2000) : Got admission to DMCOE Elex. Engg. Dad gifted me a 56K modem. Could only surf for 2 hours per week (telephone bills!). Learned javascripting,FTP, email. Also created my own website. Started learning EzWindowss (C++) and OOP concepts using C++.

2000-2001 (First Year Engg) : Learnt PASCAL, DOS,DHTML , EzWindows continues, CGI, made another website. Started learning FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit) in holidays after exams.

2001-2002 (Second Year Engg) : Studied FLTK in detail. C++ Continued. Learnt C, TC++ BGI as part of syllabus. Tried some x86 assembly language programing. Upgraded my PC ( P III 800 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD). Worked on project related to "Interfacing computer controlled devices to Internet". It was presented at Terna Engg. College.

2002 (Holidays after Second Year) : Created a personal website. Learned Microsoft Speech API (SAPI). Finished learning FLTK.

2002 (Fourth Semester) : Wrote many programs using variety of GUI libraries (EzWindows,FLTK,Win32API) like MazeTRaveller, Rotato, JavascriptMaker,Blur,CryptoBitmap, HistoryRipper ...etc in C++. Did a paper presentation of my project at RAIT. Learned assembly language programing for 8085. Created my first AM radio using only 6 components (including battery and earphones). Started and finished learning Windows 32 API.

Phase I completed. Five years of delightful programing.

Ashish Patil