Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cool AJAX bar graph using Silverlight !

I had been working on this since past two weeks and finally uploaded to my website. Created this using XAML and javascript. There is an article on my site explaining in detail, how to customize and use it in your own application. It relies on JSON feed to refresh itself, so it's not tied down to any specific platform.

Most interesting part was to create an online tool that will let people create template XAML for this graph.

I love to work with Silverlight, javascript and AJAX. Everytime I use them together, turns out to be an awesome combination.

Check out the live demo of this graph in action here:

Looks like a 'rainbow' ! Doesn't it ?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wobbly NOP = Ultimate Compiz Fusion LiveCD

Puppy linux is a wonderful linux distro. I had covered it in my article ' Running Linux on Windows Like Normal Programs'. Compiz Fusion is next generation windows manager provides some spectacular GUI effects. Wobbly NOP is what we get when they both meet.

Firstly, I would like to thank the guys behind this distro. I believe they have created the 'ultimate Compiz Fusion demo disk' . The distro is around 130 MB and runs off a live CD. This means no installation or anything required. Simply boot from the CD and run Linux. Remove the CD and reboot to start your normal OS.

If you are new to Linux, then you must try out this CD. Also, I would recommend this CD to anyone who still thinks Linux is lagging behind when it comes to GUI.

Download the ISO from this site:

More download options (remmember to scroll down to 'Wobbly NOP' section)

Some of my Wobbly NOP screenshots: