Sunday, September 10, 2006

'Porok' : Xbox 360 in India

I have seen the 'Porok' advertisement on MTV a couple of times. It is really mind-blowing. Unfortunately people don’t understand it, because many still don’t know what Xbox 360 is!

Xbox 360
is a game console from Microsoft. To make it simple, it is a video game system that connects to your TV. It has a DVD drive, where you insert game DVDs and play. What makes Xbox so special is the realistic quality of graphics, smooth game play and some awesome games. Internally it is a powerful computer designed just for playing 3D games. You can also watch movies and listen to music on Xbox.

You can find out more from official site here:
You can find videos and screenshots of how the games look like here:

Impressed!... So what’s the price?

The price in India to the best of knowledge is around Rs.20-23,000. Games could cost in thousands too!!

Are you thinking : Why the hell spend so much for 'GAMES' ? ....then think again.

People spend thousands on buying stylish mobile phones why not Xbox 360! You should definitely try it out at some store or showroom; it's worth the money I bet!

About the advertisement:

I and my brother have kind of nicknamed Xbox 360 as 'Porok'.
The advertisements is really cool because:

1] It is very Indian (desi)
2] Shows games and gaming are very popular in every section of society, every age.
3] How people become crazy about certain games and start thinking of them all the time.
4] Tries to show that games are integral part of our life, kind of necessity.
5] Universal spirit of gaming share by a person playing on a costly game console and a villager
playing ‘Porok’.

Good luck MTV and Microsoft.

If you have any links, information on games for Xbox360 in India or advertisements to show on this page, drop in a comment.