Friday, October 05, 2007

Buy a gadget and do some charity !

XO Laptop (One laptop for a child project) would be sale for two weeks in US. It comes for around USD 400. The deal is when you buy one for USD 400 , you spend 200 on your laptop and another 200 for laptop which would be donated to a child in poor country.

These laptops have been specifically made for children and for extreme conditions in poor countries. Though they are not as powerful as the commercial once, still they do have some nice functionality like Wifi, mesh networking, Linux, 6 hour battery ..etc .

Here is a nice video review about the same .

Now think of this, you could at least use it as a e-book reader or a cool PDA. Considering cost of such devices is around USD 200-300 in market, it’s a nice thing to buy. Also you can claim a tax-deduction on USD 200 you spent for charity.

This is their website: (Philosophy behind the project)

Ok, if you are thinking that this could help children in India, the answer unfortunately is 'no'. India has said 'NO' to such laptops (as it happens with many good things in India…no points for guessing 'why?' ). But still not a bad deal.

I am definitely curious to know how it fares as a PDA and/or ebook reader !

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