Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Dream Gadget !

I am thinking of buying a new gadget. Maybe you can help me. I am looking for below mentioned features. Do you know of any gadget (mobile/laptop/tablet/handheld) that is a close match for my needs?

If yes, do drop a comment.

  • Wifi : For wireless internet.
  • Size : at least half the size of laptop.
  • TV Out : This I think can be a great feature for viewing videos, surfing playing games.
  • Full HTML Browser : Yes, preferably some port of FireFox with javascript.
  • Operation System : Linux or any other. SDK should be available. Open source stuff preferred.
  • Games : It should be powerful enough to run some of older 3D games like Doom. Ability to run emulators like MAME would be awesome. Should allow connecting upto 2 wireless joysticks for multiplayer gaming.
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth would be required. There should be ways of attaching a pointing device (mouse) and QWERTY keyboard via some kind of interface. It should be able to turn into a small computer if required. It could even have a couple of USB ports for attaching joysticks or other hardware.
  • Screen : Should be wide enough for displaying descent length lines of text. Even if it can display 10 such lines, I think it can be used for reading ebooks.
  • Multimedia : Ability to play audio and video files of common formats. Flash player could also be a great addition.
  • Storage : Mini SD cards up to max limit (2 GB I think). Having a hard drive would be really cool.
  • Price : Okay, this one is important :. Should cost around $200 – 350 (Rs. 8000 – 15000)

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