Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spore: Create your own creatures !

Computer games these days are getting larger than life. The recent example is 'Spore' , a game which allows you to create different create and nurture your own creatures and nurture them through various phases of evolution. The whole concept in my opinion is wonderful. More can be read about the game here :

Thought this game is yet to be released, it has a great feature that is already making it a hit. The 'Spore Creature Creator'. Just downloaded the trial version and started playing with it. And I have to say that this is 'one of the best' software, I have ever used.
Within minutes of downloading the software, I was able to create really funny new creatures and upload their videos on youtube !

The spore creator is a 'standalone' software which is available for around $10. This is a real steal, for the entertainment it provides. The creator is easy to use software which has three sections : create, paint and play. The day when our world would be ruled by game characters is not far !

Here are couple of videos I created:

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