Saturday, December 30, 2006

DHTML Tooltip

Today, I uploaded a small tooltip javascript on my wesite. I made it such that can display any HTML content including images. By using some tricks it is also possible to create translucent tooltips. Well thats not all , it can even animate itself while showing. The tooltip grows from a small point to its specified size, when shown on screen.

Check out:

Information on the Tooltip.js and using it. Find more examples here.

Cool translucent, animated javascript tooltip with background image:

I plan to use it with AJAX and in my next writeup on AJAX tooltip for ASP.NET Datagrid. There are some issues with proper initialization of the tooltip in IE. Though I have a fix for time being, I would like a more elegant solution.

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Ganesh said...

Hi Ashish,

Your website is really great. I liked the idea of Photos and Google maps. I have used your Tooltip in some of my applications and got great feedback from my manager. Thanks a lot man