Monday, October 23, 2006

Kodak's 6.1MP camera with 10x optical zoom !

I am not an expert on digital cameras but I get lot of requests to give my 'comments' on them. One of the most exciting cameras which are easily available in India, is the Kodak EasyShare V610. It is a 6.1MP camera, with 10x optical zoom !

And yes, there is no movement of lens outside the cameras body. That’s really great I think. You can see images of this camera here.

To add to it, it also has Bluetooth , which means you can transfer your images wirelessly. It uses Kodak's Li-Ion batteries. I mean those similar to mobile phone ones and not the normal AA size one.

Price in India is around Rs.23000. Add a couple of thousands more to it for memory card. But the same camera is available in US for around $325, which means ... :-)

Here are some reviews you may want to read before going to your nearest shop to see one:,1895,1963866,00.asp

Comments and more information are always welcomed.

[Believe this information at your own risk. These are my personal views about the product and may not necessarily be correct]


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